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Filing of Annual Income Tax Returns For The 2016 Year of Assessment

Are you aware that under the Income Tax Law, a person is obliged to file a return of income for a year of assessment not later than four months after the end of the year of assessment?

In line with the above, the Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) reminds all taxpayers including companies and entities, whose basis period end on 31st December; partnerships, individuals including self-employed persons to furnish their Return of Income for the 2016 Year of Assessment not later than 30TH APRIL, 2017.

The Return of Income shall specify:

• the assessable income of the person for the 2016 year of assessment

• the chargeable income of the person for the 2016 year of assessment and the tax payable with respect to that income

• tax paid by the person for the 2016 year of assessment 

• the remainder of the tax to be paid for the 2016 year of assessment

The Return of Income shall include a declaration that the return is complete and accurate and signed by the person making the return.


All employers are also requested to submit to the Commissioner-General the Employer’s Annual Tax Deduction Schedules for the 2016 year of assessment which shall specify tax withheld in respect of each employee not later than 30th April, 2017.


Income Tax Return Forms and Employer’s Annual Tax Deduction Schedules are available at the Large Taxpayer Office (LTO), Medium Taxpayer Offices (MTOs), Small Taxpayer Offices (STOs) throughout the country and the GRA website www.gra.gov.gh


NOTE: Taxpayers are to note that failure to furnish a Return of Income within the time stipulated attracts a penalty of GH¢500 and a further penalty of GH¢10 for each day that the failure continues.  




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Missing VAT Invoice

The Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) announces for the information of the general public the loss of VAT Invoice booklet with serial numbers 3597501 to 3597550 issued  to Aqua Plast Company Limited by the Spintex Medium Taxpayer Office (MTO).  

Anyone with information on the missing VAT Invoice should kindly report to any of the following places: the nearest police station, the Spintex MTO, off Community 18 Junction, Spintex Road or contact the GRA Head office, Off Starlets 91 Road, near Accra Sports Stadium, Ministries or Call Telephone numbers (0303) 405307/405084 or Email Information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Request for Expression of Interest (INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVE TENDER)

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) intends to apply part of its DFID supported funds   to fund eligible payments towards the cost of selecting Software Developers to develop THE INTEGRATED TAX RETURNS PREPARATION SOFTWARE (I-TAPS).

1. Vision and Objectives

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is committed to making the completion of tax returns and assessment by taxpayers in Ghana an easy and straightforward activity.

As a result of the integration of the three erstwhile revenue agencies into the GRA, the need to provide the taxpayer with a tax helper software that can now include multiple (and integrated) tax types is required. The requirement has been entitled ‘the integrated Tax returns Preparation Software’ (i-TapS). 

The i-Taps should support the numerous improvements in the way in which the GRA now handles tax management, and should be in line with, and provide support to, the current Tax legislation the GRA is mandated to administer.


2. Tax Types

The software must be developed to generate the following Tax Returns that would be submitted to the GRA by taxpayers both in hard and/or soft copies.

a. Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

b. Personal Income Tax (PIT)

c. Value Added Tax (VAT)

d. Withholding Tax (WHT)

e. Company Self-Assessment Estimates and an Electronic Book Keeping module.



The Ghana Revenue Authority therefore invites Software Developers that have been in practice for a minimum of three (3) years to indicate their interest and capacity to undertake the said assignment by providing proposals with information that indicates the following:  

• Company Profile

• Profile of key personnel

• Experience in assignment of comparable scope that has been undertaken in recent times/List of clientele base

• Evidence of  good corporate membership of the requisite professional bodies (where applicable)

• Valid Tax Clearance Certificate

• Valid SSNIT Clearance Certificate

• Company Registration Certification

• Company Registration Certificate Renewal

Interested eligible Software Developers may obtain further information from Room 001 on the ground floor of Head Office Annex of Ghana Revenue Authority from 9.00am to 4.30pm on all working days. (Attention-Roland Asampana)

 Short listing would be done in accordance with procedures and guidelines set out in the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663) and the Public Procurement Amendment Act of 2016 (Act 914) of Ghana. 

Expression of Interest marked ‘INTEGRATED TAX RETURNS PREPARATION SOFTWARE’’ must be delivered in sealed envelopes to the address below not later than 3pm on the 3rd May, 2017








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Guidelines For Tax Exemption Refunds  

The Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) wishes to inform the general public that further to government policy to require prior payment of import duties and taxes, and to refund payments to applicants who qualify for exemptions from the payment of those import duties and taxes, the following guidelines are hereby published:

i. All applications for such refunds shall be filed with the Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority at GRA Head Office 3rd floor Room 303.

ii. All applicants are also to indicate their telephone numbers (preferably mobile phone numbers) and emails clearly on their applications for refund

iii. All such applications shall state the justification for the application and be accompanied by adequate supporting documentation, including those that show proof of payment of the related duties and taxes for which refunds are being applied for.


For the avoidance of doubt, the under-listed documents must be attached to the application:

• The basis for the exemption (i.e. by which law, by which agreement, or by which authorization, etc.)

• Recommendation from sector Ministry, Agency or Institution;

• Import Declaration Form (IDF)/Electronic Ministries Departments and Agencies (eMDA) printout; 

• Bank receipts / Evidence of Payment;

• Commercial invoices;

• Packing List;

• Customs Validated Declaration;

• Customs Classification and Valuation Report (CCVR);

• Waybill;

• Bills of lading, Airway bills/Bonded Warehouse Form (Form C26);

• Tax Clearance Certificate, issued by the relevant office of the Ghana Revenue Authority stating the specific purpose for its issue (i.e. “To obtain                     exemption refund” );

• Tax Identification Number; 

• Master list of items to procure/import, as approved by Parliament, where applicable; and

• Any other supporting documents.


iv. The Commissioner-General may require applicants for such refunds to provide additional information as is reasonably necessary in support of the application.

v. Applicants for such refunds upon the submission of all supporting documents shall be given a receipt that shall state: 

a. the date and time at which the application was submitted; and

b. the supporting documents that were submitted with it.

vi. Once an application, together with all supporting documentation and information are submitted, the applicable refund shall be effected within thirty (30) days.

vii. Applicants whose refunds are unduly delayed may petition the Minister for Finance stating the grounds for the petition and the specific remedies being sought.

viii. The Minister for Finance shall decide on the petition and communicate the decision to the petitioner within fifteen (15) days upon the receipt of the petition.

ix. All enquiries about such refunds may be made on the following phone lines

0302 957272 / 0302 685085 / 0244602207.




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